46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Scout Group History



How it all began - In May and June 1909 of meetings of Scoutmasters and others interested in the Boy Scout Movement was held. By July 1909 patrols of Boy Scouts were having monthly meetings with 40 boys attending. In September 1912, 2 Troops were recorded - the 11th Fife (1st Cowdenbeath) with J Lister as Scoutmaster and the 12th Fife (2nd Cowdenbeath) with James Watson and H Baxter as Scoutmasters and H Hunter as Assistant Scoutmaster. The 11th Fife met at Foulford Road and 12th Fife met at Broad Street School


On 4 January 1923, the Cairns Scouts Troop held a dinner in the Cairns Church Hall, Cowdenbeath.  Thirty Scouts were present.  The Troop had been formed only recently and the Registration Form submitted that month showed that there were 34 Scouts and 2 Officers - SM William Forsyth and ASM John Dunn.  The Troop was later allocated the number "46th Fife".  King George V, Queen Mary and other members of the Royal family visited Dunfermline in July the 46th did not attend the explanation was that the Troop was composed of mainly miners’ boys and the “uniform question is a real difficulty”. 


The 46th Fife formed a pipe band was at the end of 1929. On 21 June 1931, the colours of the 46th Fife (Cairns Church Cowdenbeath) Scout Group were dedicated at a service in Cairns Church. In 1934 the Rover crew of the 46th Fife (Cairns Church, Cowdenbeath) Scout Group obtained a Headquarters for their Crew in Wilson Street.   The Rover Leader was William Watson.


On 1 September 1936, the Rover Scouts of the 46th Fife (Cairns Church Cowdenbeath) Scout Group became affiliated to the YMCA in Cowdenbeath and on 16 September, the remainder of the Group (Cubs and Scouts) were formally initiated into the YMCA.  On the latter occasion over 100 Cubs and Scouts marched to the YMCA hall headed by the Rovers pipe band for a tea, entertainment and a welcoming ceremony.  The colours of the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Scout Group were dedicated at a service in Cairns Church on 29 November 1936


By the end of 1940, the calling up of men to the Forces was beginning to have an effect on the running of Scout Groups.  Most of the leaders of the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Troop had been called up and the Troop (and Pack) had had to go into abeyance.  Fortunately the Troop were able to start up again a few months later.  The 46th Fife Rover Crew were also badly affected with no fewer than 15 members being called away on active service but the Crew was continuing to meet under GSM James Brown.  In June 1947, the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Rover Crew formed 3 Rover patrols naming them after 3 of their Senior Scouts who were killed during the War - McLean, Ferguson and Buchan.  A Roll of Honour in memory of all the local Scouts who gave their lives was unveiled on Sunday 14 July 1947.


On 15 November 1947, Bert Graham, a Senior Scout Patrol Leader of 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Scout Group received his King's Scout Certificate from the hands of the Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, at a ceremony in London.  Bert was the first Senior Scout in Scotland to gain this award.


The County Rover Moot was held at the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Scout Group’s grounds in Wilson Street over the weekend 15/16 May 1946 with the Cowdenbeath YMCA Rovers as hosts.  The World Rover Moot was held at Skjak in Norway in August.  Tom Paterson from the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Crew attended.


In 1950 The 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Pack had reached the limit figure of 80 (eighty)!  On 23 February 1954 It was announced that a Scout Group had been started at Cairns Church, Cowdenbeath and this was later allocated the number "28th Fife".To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout Movement.  About 1000 attended the Dunfermline service.  The collection amounted to £15 9s (£15.45) and was sent to the Baden-Powell Memorial Fund.  On 10 November 1954, a memorial cairn was unveiled in the grounds of the Rover Den, Wilson Street, Cowdenbeath in memory of former members of the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Rover Crew.


On 2 February 1958 the colours of the 28th Fife (Cairns Church Cowdenbeath) Scout Group were dedicated during the morning Church service. On Wednesday 4 November 1959, the County Commissioner, Abe Johnston, opened the new premises of the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Scout Group in Stenhouse Street, Cowdenbeath.  The premises were a former billiard saloon and garage which had been bought at a very favourable price of £250.  Much of the work involved in rewiring and converting the premises had been carried out by the Group members with assistance from other Scouters.


On 1 October 1964, the new Benarty District came into being.  Five Groups (28th Fife and 46th Fife from Cowdenbeath and 56th Fife, 73rd Fife and 77th Fife. On 30 September 1966, a new headquarters for the 28th Fife (Cairns Church Cowdenbeath) Scout Group was dedicated by the Rev J Angus Macleod, minister of Cairns Church.  This was the culmination of 6 years work by the Parents Committee. 


A presentation dinner was held in the headquarters of the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath YMCA) Scout Group on 7 May 1967.  The presentation of the Silver Acorn to GSL David Rodger.  He became Scoutmaster of the Troop in 1930 and later Group Scoutmaster.  The only break in his 37 years service in Cowdenbeath was his war time service in the RASC.


The 46th Fife moved from their headquarters in Stenhouse Street into Trinity Church Hall. The 28th Fife closed in early 2000 due to lack of leaders. The 46th Fife took over their Scout Hall returning to where it all began at the former Cairns Church Hall . The 46th Fife struggled until in Sep 2013 the group was to be suspended by the District ...  to be restarted in 9th February 2014 under a new leadership team ... since that time the Scout Group has flourished and today is one of the best in Fife and its acknowledged they run an outstanding program for young people.




With grateful acknowledgements to Martin Rogers book - Scouting in Dunfermline & Rosyth Districts 1908-1999

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